We have a number of visiting Health Professionals available for our patients. Some appointments can be made at reception, reception has the other contact numbers.

  • Kimble Upfold – Pedicurist
  • Malcolm McKellar – Ophthalmologist, phone 03 343 6033 for an appointment or by referral.
  • PHO Councillors, by referral.
  • House of Hearing – Audiologist, ACC accredited, phone 0800 333 606 for an appointment or by referral.

Other Health services we offer

  • Bone Density scans
  • Green Prescription
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • ECGs
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Primary Health Link
  • Immunisations
  • Minor Surgery
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Punch Biopsy
  • Sexual Health
  • Westland High School Free School Clinic

Our Doctors

Anna Dyzel


Special Interests: Chronic Disease Management including diabetes and heart failure, Women’s health.

Kathleen Potter


Special interests are geriatric medicine, palliative care, mental health, lifestyle change.

Our Nurses

Nigel Ogilvie

BN, RCompN, Paramedic


Special Interests: PRIME Responder, Qualified Level 3 Resuscitation Instructor, Youth Health, Men’s Health, Population Health, Practice Management.

Wendy Fennell


Special interests: Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Aged Care.

John Billings

BN, RCompN, Ambulance Officer

Special Interests: PRIME Responder, Volunteer Ambulance Officer, Operating Theatre Nursing.

Andi Cumming


Special Interests: PRIME Responder, Priary Health, Operating Theatre, Orthopaedics/Special Care, Asthma, Diabetics, Footcare.

Simon Latimer

RN, BN, MHSc, post graduate certificate in Palliative care, Ambulance Advanced Life Support, CPR instructor, PRIME

Interests: Emergency medicine, palliative care, cardiac care, complimentary health care.

Our Support Team

We have a hardworking team of receptionists and administrators. Joanne Shaw, Sandra Pfahlert, Linda Wall, Sandy Wade, Kathy Dyzel, Kay Clausen and Sophie Banks.

Medical Students/Nursing Students

The Westland Medical Centre often has Medical Students as part of the team. We have 5th year students through the Otago University Rural Hub Group and final year students through the Christchurch University Medical School. Students work under the guidance of Anna Dyzel who is a clinical lecturer. These visits offer valuable practical experience to the students involved. If you do not feel comfortable seeing a student doctor please let us know.

From time to time we have nursing students through the Christchurch School Of Nursing.


The Westland Medical Centre is a member of the West Coast Primary Health Organisation. The organisation aims to improve access to Health. This enables the Westland Medical Centre to offer services at a lower cost to our enrolled patients. These include free Under 22 Contraception visits, free yearly Diabetic checks, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Reviews, Annual Cardiovascular Reviews and Palliative Care.

Practice Pets

Westland Medical Centre introduced practice pets in 2007. These small Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are present in order to relax patients and caregivers and to provide comfort to people in distress.

We are aware that some people have allergies to dogs, fear dogs, or have religious concerns. If you have any concerns, please advise us and we will ensure you do not have contact.



Serving all of the Community

Doctor, Nurse and Administration postions are available. Applications are available for Full time, Part time and locum positions.

Westland Medical Centre was established in 1987 with a single doctor and has grown over the intervening years to be the major provider of primary health care to the local community.

Following an expansion of the facilities in 1999, the practice now supports a full-time General Practitioner, a part time General Practioner, four full time practice nurses and one part time practice nurse. We also have visiting locums. A visiting audiologist, a podiatrist, and members of the PHO Mental Health team are among those who make use of the facilities that are available for visiting Medical and Surgical Specialists. Five full time administrative staff members and two part time administrative staff members, including a practice manager, support the Practice.

wmcThe buildings and facilities are all new and custom built to meet the needs of a practice dedicated to providing the best possible service to the community. The Medical Centre promotes ongoing medical education for all staff and includes in-house training, peer review evenings and formal and informal CME (Continuing Medical Education).

The centre is deeply involved with teaching medical and nursing students from Otago and Canterbury Universities.

Hokitika has a pharmacy, two physiotherapists, district nurses, an optometrist, mental health workers, alcohol and drug counselors, a public health nurse and various other ancillary staff. St John Ambulance provides the Centre with an excellent emergency medical service and is staffed by both paid and volunteer staff. The Medical Centre works closely with St John to ensure emergency training commitments are completed by both teams. The Base Hospital is 30 minutes to the north in Greymouth.

The elderly community is well supported with numerous social services available to them. Home help and health care workers are available and visit frequently. The town also has a 30 room rest home which has facilities for hospital level care if required for those residents no longer able to live at home.

Mental health services are outstanding, including well monitored community housing and easily accessible in patient and out patient services. The practice provides weekly clinics at the high school (during school terms) and visits the rest home at least weekly and additionally when there is a need. Doctors and nurses do house calls to patients unable to come to the practice rooms.





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