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Abdominal Pain (Pit-falls) Emergency Contraceptive Pill
Analgesia/Pain Relief Endocarditis Prophylaxis
Anaphylaxis/Anaphylactic shock Epistaxis
Asthma - Adults acute Epididymo-orchitis
Asthma – children acute EXAMINATION TEMPLATES
Asthma medication Back pain
Asthma Severity score Angina/IHD review – non acute
Athletes Foot/Tinea Pedis Asthma – non acute
Bacterial Vaginosis Cardiac/Hypertension
Back injury/Pain Child – unwell
Balantitis COAD review – non acute
Bites Contraception review
Breastfeeding/Medication Depression
Bronchiolitis Diabetes
Bronchitis/Chest Infection Eye
Burns Knee injury
Candida/Thrush - Vaginal Oral contraceptive review
Candida – recurrent vaginal Pain meds review
Candida/Thrush – Oral Red skin rash
Catheterisation Shoulder
Cellulitis Traveller's Health
Chest Infection/Bronchitis Eye – Blepharitis
Chest Pain Eye – Conjunctivitis
Children’s doses Eye – examination template
Cholecystitis Acute Eye – Flash Burns
COAD/COPD/CORD Eye – Herpes Keratitis
Conjunctivitis Eye Injury
Constipation Eye- Red eye approach
Convulsions Fever
Combined Oral Contraceptive Fractures
Croup Gallstones/Acute Cholecystitis
Dehydration assessment Genital Herpes
Dental Infection Gonorrhoea
Depo Provera Gout
Depression screening checklist Haemorrhage
Diarrhoea & vomiting Hay fever
Dispensing medication Headlice
Drug Seekers Heart Failure
Drugs - OTC Herpes Simplex – Genital
Elbow - bursitis Herpes Zoster

HPV – Genital Warts  
Impetigo/School Sores  
Kidney Stones/Ureteric Colic  
Knee injury Rheumatology Specialist Drugs
Lice D Penicillamine
Liver function/Medication doses Methotrexate
Mastitis Myocrisin (gold)
Mastoiditis Sulphasalazine
Medication List Scabies
Meningitis School sores
Migraine Shingles/Herpes Zoster
Obesity/Medication doses Shoulder examination template
Olecranon Bursitis Sinusitis
OTC medication Skin Infections
Otitis Externa Standing Orders Policy
Otitis Media Sutures
Pain Relief/Analgesia Tetanus Vaccines
Palliative Care Thrush/Candida – Oral
Paracetamol doses Thrush/Candida - Vaginal
Paraphimosis - reduction Thrush/Candida - recurrent
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Tinea Pedis/Athletes Foot
Pelvic Pain – an approach Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis
Pertussis/Whooping Cough Travel Vaccines
Pharyngitis/Tonsillitis Trauma
Pneumonia (age <1year) Tricomonas Vaginalis
>Poisoning Urinary Tract Infection
Pregnancy/Breastfeeding/Medication Urticaria/Hives
PRIME Ureteric Colic/Kidney Stones
Progesterone Only Contraceptive Pill VACCINES
Rashes – an approach National childhood schedule>
Red eye – an approach Tetanus for wounds
RED FLAGS Travel vaccines
Headaches Warfarin Levels/dosages
Lower GIT Warts – Genital
Musculoskeletal Wheeze (age <1 year)
Unwell child> Whooping cough/Pertussis
Upper GIT / dyspepsia Wound Infections
References Wound Suturing
Renal Colic – Acute X-ray protocol
Renal Function/Medication doses  
Repeat Script procedures  

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