Positions Available

This is a unique opportunity to work alongside a team of rural experts. Our state of the art, forward thinking, established, Cornerstone accredited General Practice provides primary care and emergency services to a population of 5,500 with a dedicated team of administrators and prime trained nursing staff working with standing orders.

Enjoy a supportive, collegial team and work in a thriving practice offering excellent opportunities, attractive remuneration and collaborative mentoring.

Our diverse West Coast General Practice network assures clinical support as well as access to peer review and education meetings.

The Grey Base Hospital is 35 minutes away by road and is fully supported by the Canterbury District Health Board and Hospital.

Tel: Hokitika +64 3 755 8180 or email:

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A Reception / Clinical Assistant Position Available

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Applicants for this position should have NZ residency, a valid NZ work permit or be eligible for these.

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Tel: Hokitika +64 3 755 8180 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a job description.

Locum Doctor Positions Available

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Applicants for this position must hold, or be eligible to hold, registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency, a valid NZ work permit or be eligible for these.

Download the latest Practice Profile here, or view it online.

Practice Profile

Practice Details

Practice name

Westland Medical Centre

Practice P.O. Box

PO Box 173, Hokitika, 7842

Physical address

54A Sewell Street, Hokitika, 7810

Practice phone number

03 755 8180

Practice fax

03 755 7499

Practice email

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Practice website


Practice Contact Details

Contact Name

Nigel Ogilvie

Contact Title

Practice Manager / Managing Director

Practice Management Details

Practice owner/owners

Nigel Ogilvie BN RCompN


Legal name

(If different to practice name)

Westland Medical Centre Ltd.

Which computerised patient management system do you use?

Profile for Mac, easy to learn.

Does the practice hold a PRIME Contract?

(If yes, how demanding is it?)

Yes, 90% completed by Nurses

Which PHO do you belong to?

Please provide name and contact details for PHO Manager

West Coast PHO PHO Manager:_Anthony Cook_ Tel #: 03 768 6182

Do you have a good working relationship with your PHO?

(Please provide details)


Does the practice receive Reasonable Roster Funding? Please describe


Is the practice capitated?


Practice Staff



Contact details

Nigel Ogilvie

BN RCompN Paramedic, Practice Manager

03 755 8180

Wendy Fennell


03 755 8180

Simon Latimer


03 755 8180

Andi Cumming


03 755 8180

John Biilings

BN RcompN

03 755 8180

Katherine Dyzel

Data Manager

03 755 8180

Joanne Shaw

Senior Administrator

03 755 8180

Sandra Pfahlert

Senior Receptionist

03 755 8180

Sophie Banks

Receptionist, Lab Technician

03 755 8180

Linda Wall

Receptionist, Medical Technician

03 755 8180

Sandra Wade


03 755 8180

Amy Symmers Receptionist, Lab Technician 03 755 8180

GP staff List

Name of GP

Rural Ranking score

Contact Details

Member of the Network Yes/No

Anna Dyzel

55 - 65

03 755 8180


Kathleen Potter


03 755 8180





Who owns the premises

(E.g. GP/Trust/PHO etc)?


Please provide a brief description of premises

(e.g. renovated home, purpose-built facility – please include number of doctor’s rooms, nurse’s rooms etc)

Purpose built facility. 10 clinical rooms, 1 specialist room, 1 trauma room, 1 treatment room

Location of premises in relation to town services (e.g. in heart of retail centre, close to local school)

We are located in our town centre, St Mary's Primary 5 minutes or less, Westland High School and Hokitika Primary School are about 10 minutes


Additional Services Provided by Practice


Yes at Grey Base Hospital

Laboratory services

If no, please name


Yes by Grey Base Hospital or Canterbury Health

Minor surgery


Does the practice provide external services?

(e.g. to private hospital or nursing home - please provide name of organisation and number of patients)

Allen Bryant Life Care with 46 residents and plans for an extension within the short term.

High School Clinic every Wednesday.


Additional Health Professionals who also work from Practice

District nurse (please name)

No, across the road at Hokitika Health Centre.


No, 3 clinics in town.

Mental Health Services

Yes, members of the PHO Mental Health team

Frequently used specialists (please list)

Kimble Upfold - Podiatry

Malcolm McKellar – Ophthalmologist

Soren Thompson / House of Hearing – Audiologist



Patient Information

Number of enrolled patients

5539 as at 1 July 2016

Do you experience seasonal increases?

Yes during the summer months

If yes, at what time during the year and by how many?

During the summer tourist season

How long does your seasonal increase last?

4 months

Average number of patients seen daily (per GP)


Please provide a broad socioeconomic and cultural description of your patient-base.


The population has an above average low socio-economic population with high rates of life style disease. Main industries include farming, forestry, fishing, coal & gold mining, along with tourism.

The majority of the population are European with 1 in 8 being Maori. There are also other ethnic groups in the area. The majority of patients are aged between 45 and 64 with the balance of the population on either side of this age bracket.

Presenting health conditions are made up of Ischaemic Heart Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, and Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD)


Practice Hours

What are your office hours?



Monday, Wednesday to Friday 8am – 5pm

Tuesday 9am –5pm

Weekend and Public Holiday Walk-in Clinic Hours being at 10am and again at 5.00pm.

What is your appointment schedule (e.g. 15 minute appointments)?

15 minute appointments.

Are there any special features of the practice that would require a locum to have additional skills e.g. anaesthetics?

Only if they have a specific interest they wish to pursue.


After Hours Services (On call)

Does your practice provide on call services?


How are you providing on call services? (Tick as many as appropriate)


  • Directly providing on call


  • Weekday arrangements with other local providers


  • Weekend arrangements with other local providers


  • PHO arrangement with other practices


  • Nursing providing on call


  • Telephone triage services


  • Don’t provide on call services


What is your weekday on call roster?

4 nurses rotating on a one week on, three week off schedule

What is your weekend on call roster?

4 nurses and the doctors rotating, averaging being on call one week in five.

Describe cell phone coverage

Above average in rural areas, otherwise excellent.

What is the distance to your on call boundary?

30 miles


Community Information

Please list any local pre-school, primary and secondary schools, plus other regional options

3 pre-schools,

Hokitika Primary School, St. Mary's Primary School, Kaniare Primary School

Westland High School


Roman Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Fellowship

Is there a volunteer fire brigade?


Is there a community library?


Shopping consists of:

Main Street which includes among others 100% Ellerys, Mitre 10, New World, Take Note.

What banking facilities are available?

ASB, Westpac, Kiwibank, ANZ & BNZ Eftpos terminal.

Petrol/service station facilities:

BP, Challenge

Are dental services available?

Yes, in Greymouth

Swimming pool/s:

Yes, heated but closed in the off season for two months, another in Greymouth.

Sports clubs:


Yes, There are rugby clubs, a rugby league club, hockey and soccer clubs, cricket and road cycling clubs. A sailing club is located at Lake Mahinapua, 10kms south of the town, alpine skiing is available at two club ski fields and two commercial fields within two and a half hours of Hokitika. The Hokitika Aero Club flies a number of single engine aircraft and has a very active Microlight group. The airport also serves as a base for several helicopter pilots servicing the agricultural, hunting and tourism industries. Other sports are tennis, squash, badminton, golf, netball, basketball, a marching club, powerboat, fishing and gun clubs.

Cultural clubs:


Other recreational groups include horse riding, gymnastics, ballet, baseball, t-ball, kiwi sports, basketball, bowls, line dancing, old time dancing and numerous others. Scouts & Guides, Boy's Brigade, St. John's Youth

How many km’s to nearest golf course?


Recreational activities include:

See above, but also tramping, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, BMX, Motor Cross, kayaking.

Climate – summer/winter temperatures:

Temperate rain forest but more sunshine hours than Auckland, no extremes of temperature.

Other local facilities:

Dramatic Society, Regent Theatre Cinema,

More on Hokitika - The Cool Little Town www.hokitika.org



Geographical Information

Population of your township:


Socio-economic mix of your township:


Hokitika, with a population of approximately 4,400, is the administrative and social centre for Westland, the southern end of the West Coast. The industries that support the local community are principally focused on the primary sector and include: Farming and Horticulture, Forestry, Gold mining, Tourism and hospitality, Retail, Conservation, Construction, Cottage industry eg Crafts, moss processing

Nearest city:


Christchurch, however the town of Greymouth is about 38km or ½ hour away, has some chain stores including The Warehouse, Smith City, Dick Smith Electronics, Mitre 10 Mega, Noel Leeming, McDonalds, KFC, Domino's Pizza.

Approximate driving time from practice:

3 hours away

Population of surrounding district:


8,403 people live in Westland District. This is an increase of 627 people, or 8.1 percent, since the 2001 Census.

1,017 Māori live in Westland District, an increase of 186 people, or 22.4 percent, since the 2001 Census.

Census 2006:

Population Group









Pacific peoples






Middle Eastern/Latin American/African



New Zealander



Other ethnicity–other



Please include a brief description of geographical catchment (e.g. hill country, coastal etc)

Coastal river basin backed by the Southern Alps.



Local Hospital Information

The local hospital is:


Grey Base Hospital

The phone number is:


03 769 7400

How many kilometers is it from the Practice?

(Please record in both time and kilometers)

37.3km away, approximate ½ hour driving time.

Describe structure of hospital

(e.g. House Officers, Consultants etc)



Hospital facilities (i.e. obstetrics, A & E, surgery)


Surgical care at Grey Base Hospital is provided in Barclay ward for acute and elective patients in Orthopaedics, Urology, Plastics, Gynaecology and General Surgery.

A&E they have Medical Officer cover from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, then House Surgeons cover overnight.

Senior Medical Officer Cover is available on an on-call basis either onsite or through Christchurch/Blenheim (e.g. Orthopaedics, Paediatrics).

Grey Base Hospital Brian Waterson Day Surgery Unit hours are 8.00am to 4.30pm.

The department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a small vital unit of three Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. they are supported by modern ultrasound services both within and outside the department. A recently introduced digital radiology service allows electronic viewing of images




Additional information