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A Short History and Map

Hokitika is one of the three major towns on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Long identified as a source of valuable greenstone (jade) by the indigenous Maori, Hokitika was established by Europeans in 1865 during the West Coast Gold Rush. Read More...

Arts in the community

Hokitika has established itself as a centre for the West Coast Arts and Crafts communities world class potters, weavers and furniture makers all working in and around the town. There are a number of galleries in town offering glass blowing, ceramics, weaving, jade carving, wood turning, furniture and gold jewelry manufacture. Read More...

Climate & Gardens

The West Coast rainfall is legendary, averaging around 2.8m per year. What is not so well known is the fact that Hokitika experiences more sunshine hours than Auckland and has no extremes of climate. Read More...


Hokitika is renowned for several annual events focused on the outdoors or the unique West Coast environment.

The Hokitika Wildfoods Festival is held annually in March and attracts between 16,000 and 20,000 people to the town.

The Coast to Coast multi-sport event held in February attracts up to 1000 entries and up to five times that number of supporters. Read More...


Hokitika, with a population of approximately 4,400, is the administrative and social centre for Westland, the southern end of the West Coast. The industries that support the local community are principally focused on the primary sector. Read More...


Being part of the rural sector, property prices are attractive. A range of dwellings from the simple house on a 1000 square metre section through to the life style house on a 5 hectare block are all available at prices which are far below those experienced in the vicinity of the urban centres. Read More...


There are three primary schools and one secondary school in the town. Pre-school and kindergarten facilities are all catered for in the town. Read More...

Sports and Recreational Clubs

There are are wide range of clubs available in Hokitika catering for all age groups. Read More...

More about Hokitika and it's region www.hokitika.org

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